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Calm, anxious and Inside Out

This week, in our exploration of the science of learning, the kids and I have been continuing our look at getting ready to learn. Previously we explored how when we were calm we learn.

This week as well as reflecting on being calm, we also looked at anxiety as a contrast to help them understand when they are ready to learn.

It was a bit of an uncomfortable conversation as the kids were recalling moments of stress and anxiety. To lighten the mood, we role-played states of calmness and anxiety which was hysterical.

We then watched the Pixar film Inside Up. It was recommended to me ages ago by Charlotte Hills. It’s an amazing film if you want to explore emotions with your children. It was also like a beginner guide to the science of memory.

The kids loved it, though I think I loved it more than them!

If you are interested to know more about how Inside Out tackles the science of memory, then check out this excellent article on the subject by JV Chamary:

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