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London Science Museum visit

At the weekend I took my kids to the Science Museum in London and I stumbled across a free exhibition called “Who am I?” There was a fantastic section that looked at the uniqueness of the brain.🧠

We discovered loads about the brain. How it works, what happens to it when we are asleep, how illness affects it and how it grows. 🛌🤒🧫

We got to see the brainbow mouse, whose brain cells glow in a range of colours under the right light. 🧠🌈🐁

We read about how London taxi drivers’ brains changed as they learned “the knowledge”. With the back of their hippocampus becoming larger than normal. 🚕

I got lost in the audio recordings of conversations between Henry Molaison and researchers. Henry had part of his brain – the hippocampus – removed to stop the fits he experienced from severe epilepsy. The problem was he could no longer form new memories 🤯

We ran out of time so only got to see half of the exhibition. We’ll be back again. Next stop DNA, genes, emotions, and a lot more. ❤️✅

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