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Key Services:

Learning Technology Consultation: I can work closely with your designers and subject matter experts to conceptualise and develop innovative and effective learning solutions tailored to your needs.

Learning Technology Architecture Design: I can translate your unique learning needs into robust, user-friendly, and scalable learning technology solutions that are easy to navigate and enhance learner engagement.

Technology Evaluation and Implementation: With a keen understanding of emerging learning technologies, I can recommend and implement tools and platforms that align with your learning objectives and design principles.

Expert Guidance: I can offer expert advice on leveraging a variety of learning technologies including LMS, LXP, AI and other ed-tech tools to maximise their potential in meeting your learning goals.

LMS and LXP Management: I can manage the technical aspects of your LMS including system configuration, course deployment, user management, and troubleshooting of technical issues.

Learning Technology Assessment Strategies: I can develop and implement data-driven strategies to assess and enhance the effectiveness of your learning technologies.

Previous collaborations:

Quintet Private Bank | Crown Prosecution Service | ADCB | Habib Bank AG Zurich | Rolls Royce | Vodafone | Diageo | Saba | Cornerstone


As an ambassador for innovative learning brands, I promote their offerings, leveraging my network, knowledge and passion to drive brand awareness. I communicate the brands’ benefits to diverse audiences, stirring interest and excitement through engaging and compelling content on social media.

Current Collaborations:

Learning Pirate

I’ve teamed up with Lauren Waldman, Learning Pirate to promote her game-changing “Joining Forces with Your Brain” workshops.


I'm promoting Obrizum's AI-driven adaptive learning platform which is transforming digital learning through automation, adaptability and analytics.

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