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Whether you’re taking your first steps with online learning or you’re looking to re-energise your digital learning strategy, I can help. I've experience across all areas of online learning including technology, content, marketing and measurement. I also leverage the science of learning to help make your digital learning delivery as effective as possible. Services include:

  • Online learning strategy design

  • Learning technology comparison and recommendation

  • Off-the-shelf content guidance

  • Custom content development strategy

  • Learning science advice

  • Digital learning campaign tactics

  • Process implementation and management

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I can help boost your learning brand through the use of video content.  I’ll represent and promote your organisation by creating excitement and awareness of your brand. I support learning products, events, communities, newsletters, podcasts and websites.

I’ll my skills as a storyteller and vlogger to engage your audience through social media.  I’ve a particularly strong following on LinkedIn, where I regularly post on the subject of learning science. You can see videos and my work as a Brand Ambassador for Learning Science Weekly by following #CarlLearns on LinkedIn.

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I’ll help L&D teams and Instructional Designers, who are interested in leveraging learning science and evidence-based practices, make intelligent decisions when designing, delivering, commissioning or curating content.

I provide tailored insights and resources to help guide people through the basics of learning science. I also use my partner network to develop more detailed insights if a deeper level of understanding is required.

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