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I learn when I am calm

This week in our exploration of the science of learning the kids and I have been looking at getting ready to learn. We looked at how when we are calm and mindful, we learn. 😌

I asked them if they can remember a time when they felt calm and what makes them feel calm.❓

To my surprise, they responded quickly with examples such as reading, writing, drawing, and sitting on the carpet space at school. When I asked about how their bodies show that they feel calm they both stated that being crossed-legged was a position of calmness.

Their response to this question reminded me of a conversation I had the week before with Marek Lorys, we discussed meditation and calming the nervous system.🧘

Research shows that the parasympathetic nervous system plays a key role during learning, particularly when difficult tasks are being learned.

Next up for us from Dr. Kripa Sundar’s book “How do I learn” are opposite emotions. We will be working through the emotions and symptoms of being anxious and scared. This is to provide my children with a contrast that will help them understand when they are ready to learn.

Has anyone helped a child to understand when they are ready to learn? What did you do? 🧐

For anyone who might be interested here is a link to Kripa’s book:

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