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Strategic Influencer | Learning Technology Architect | Brand Ambassador | Learning Science Geek

I'm a strategic Learning Technology Architect, accomplished Product Manager, persuasive Sales Leader, and entrepreneurial Co-founder, with a proven track record of success across multiple sectors. I combine strategic thinking, market insight, and excellent relationship management skills to deliver results, whether it’s transforming the learning environment at a private bank, steering the product strategy at a software industry leader, or co-founding a successful training company.

With years of hands-on commercial experience at the crossroads between technology and learning, I've honed an ability to speak the language of both business and technology. As a strategic Learning Technology Architect, I have a dual focus: enhancing the learning experience through innovative technological practices and ensuring these solutions align seamlessly with core business objectives.

As a brand ambassador, I help promote organisations that I think are bringing innovative learning practices and cutting-edge technology to the market.

I also have a huge passion for the science of learning. I actively share my insights on LinkedIn and YouTube. I'm committed to equipping individuals and L&D teams with scientific principles to optimise learning effectiveness.


LinkedIn: carlcrisostomo

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